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4 Great Ways to Use Your Land as a Revenue Stream

a herd of cattle in Hudspeth CountyLand ownership may seem like a lucrative method to make income. But the act of buying land doesn’t immediately lead to multiple revenue streams. Sure, you can always just buy land and keep it until you decide to sell it later on in the future, but why not take the reigns and use your land as an active method of revenue? Lone Star Investments makes your dream of land ownership easy with our $148/month 20-acre lots. There’s a lot you can do with 20 acres. Keep reading to learn more about what you can achieve with your lot of Hudspeth land!

There’s quite a lot to do in 20 acres of land. You’ll look from side to side across your land and wonder, now what? Well, that’s what we’re here to help with. When it comes to owning land, you basically have free reign to do with it as you so choose. More often than not, however, landowners want their investment to actually work for them. If you’re curious, keep reading to see just a handful of options available to you. And just because the land is in Hudspeth County doesn’t mean it’s a dry, barren desert. In fact, you might be surprised by the number of things you can do with your land!

Campgrounds and RV Park

A great way to use your land for good is by establishing it as a campground. Since our lots are far from the hustle and bustle of city life, campers will love to spend time in the nature of Hudspeth County. Just imagine sleeping in a tent and waking up under the big Texas sky. Another similar option is outfitting your land to be an RV park where travelers can stop and rest for some time. Sure, it will take a bit of work to make sure you have the appropriate utilities available. But, since our lots come with water rights, you’ll be able to dig a well and use your own water as you so please! You’ll also need to have a septic tank installed, so whoever may use the RV park or even the campgrounds will be able to be as comfortable as possible. This is true for the rest of the options in this list, as having appropriate utilities is crucial for your success.

Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are a very lucrative business, and every couple is always looking for the most unique place to say their vows. If you’d like to partake in this, then you can use your Lone Star Investments land as the next great wedding venue in the Southwest region. This will be quite the undertaking, however. You’ll have to build a venue, lay cement down, and set up the electricity so the wedding event can go off without a hitch. Of course, you could have a more unique and “rustic” venue that’s lit solely by candlelight and gas lamps. Again, this is your own land so you can do with it as you so please.

You can have a beautiful venue designed and built for optimum wedding perfection, all you have to do is open up your mind and imagine all the possibilities that are available to you! Since the land is quite a drive from the nearest town, you might have to consider lodging for the wedding guests. Airstream trailers, tiny homes, or a more traditional hotel-like building can all work in this situation. Again, remember that you’ll require the right utilities so guests will be comfortable during the event.

Recreational Activities

Hudspeth County is well-known for the beautiful desert vistas. Many people go off-roading or mountain biking in these areas. If you’re keen, you can make your lot perfect for the more adventurous types. Since we let you know as many details about your lot of land as possible, you’ll know whether or not it’s appropriately outfitted for off-roading. If the lot in question doesn’t suit your needs, then we can show you other ones! Off-roaders and mountain bikers are always looking for the next great adventure, make sure your lot of land is there to scratch the adventuring itch!

Ranch Land for Horses and Cows

If these ideas seem too “out there,” then you can easily use the land to ranch. Horses and cows thrive in Hudspeth County. If you’ve always dreamt of being a rancher, then now’s your chance! Having a ranch with horses, cows, and even emu or ostriches can be in your future. These animals are great revenue streams, especially if you bring unique and diverse ones to the area. There’s so much you can do when it comes to ranching in Hudspeth County. Grab the bull by the horns and take the leap into your next greatest venture. Contact Lone Star Investments today to learn more about our land!