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Hunting Land for Sale in West Texas

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A mule deer showered in the warm glow of the setting sun in hunting land for sale in Hudspeth County, Texas

As a premier land seller in West Texas, the Lone Star Investments team is familiar with the many ways people use our land. One common use for our land is hunting, and our Hudspeth County land is perfect for just that. Our land is home to a variety of wildlife to hunt, from mule deer and pronghorn to rabbits and even alligators. 

If you’re looking for hunting land for sale in West Texas, Lone Star Investments has exactly what you need. Choose from dozens of lots that can be used for hunting, farming, camping, and much more. We simplify the land buying process so you can quickly enjoy your own slice of Texas. 

Ready to see what hunting land for sale in West Texas we currently have? Contact our El Paso office today at (915) 799-1836 to speak with our team!

Game You Will Find in West Texas

Hudspeth County has a variety of animals that can be hunted year-round. Some of these require Migratory Game Bird Endorsement and HIP Certification. Others, like quail, require Upland Game Bird Endorsement. In order to hunt game such as mule deer, you will also require a permit.

You’ll find the following game on our West Texas hunting land for sale:

– Dove

– Javelina

– Mule Deer

– Pronghorn

– Quail

– Rabbits and Hares

– Geese

Over the years, our customers have raved about our hunting acreage in West Texas and its exciting variety of game. Since many of the hunting seasons overlap, you’ll be able to hunt for ducks, birds, and deer on a convenient schedule. If you’d like to learn more about each animal’s hunting season, please take a look at the Texas Park & Wildlife website.

Selling at $28,800, Only Pay $229 a month

How to Buy West Texas Hunting Land

If you’re ready to purchase your own land for hunting in West Texas, your first step will be to explore our available lots. We have plenty of pictures and descriptions, so you know what the land is like. Once you’ve picked a lot, we can give you an on-site tour of the land to see if it’s right for you. 

After you’ve seen and approved the land, we will draft a contract for you. Our open contracts come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you agree to the contract, we’ll finalize the deal with any remaining paperwork and hand over the land to you! Our contract can be paid off at any time. 

Once you’ve purchased your hunting acreage, remember to keep the hunting on your property. It’s also important to practice safe hunting and to follow all regulations in your area.  At Lone Star, we pride ourselves on offering multi-purpose West Texas acreage for sale. Whether you own 10 acres or 60+, you’ll have the hunting adventure of a lifetime, time and time again. 

Hudspeth County offers a range of properties for hunting and other activities such as:

$0 Down, No Credit Check Needed

A javelina traversing hunting land for sale in Hudspeth County










Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a limit to how much I can hunt on my land? 

There may be a limit depending on the type of game you are hunting. Some types of game have no limit, while others can only be hunted a certain amount per season. 

What happens if I can’t make payments on my contract? 

If you find yourself unable to make payments, don’t worry! You can come to us and we will credit you what you’ve already paid on your land. We try to take the stress out of buying land so you can fully enjoy your investment. 

Where exactly is the hunting land located? 

Our West Texas hunting land is located in Hudspeth County, an area just east of El Paso and home to thousands of acres of pristine West Texas hunting land for sale.

Call Lone Star to Learn More About Purchasing West Texas Hunting Land

As your source for hunting land for sale in West Texas, Lone Star Investments is here to answer all your questions. Whether your land ownership journey is about to begin or you’ve been involved in land investments for years, we can help all the same. Contact us today at (915) 799-1836 to learn more about what you can expect from hunting in Hudspeth County!