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How Big is a 20-Acre Lot from Lone Star Investments?

Beautiful acreage for sale in West Texas offers the opportunity for investment or to create a recreation dreamland. Think 18 football fields or 4 city blocks in New York, or if you’ve ever been to Washington, DC, think the lot the presidential home sits on— that’s about 18.7 acres. In other words, 20 acres is big, has a lot to offer, and yes, you can own every single acre! 

For the average person living in a city, 20 acres might be hard to conceptualize, given that most of today’s homes are built on .14 acre lots. Maybe you have noticed your neighbors are probably closer to you than you would like. You might even be able to see through their window from your window. Maybe you even hear them arguing from across the way. Most suburban neighborhoods build homes right on top of each other. It’s easy to feel cramped. So are you looking for some space? Do you want the freedom to roam, explore, and fill your heart with adventure?

What Can I Do With 20 Acres? 

Twenty acres hold endless adventures. What kind of adventure is up to you. Our acreage for sale has plenty of potentials and there are no rules. The land offers people more than just space; it breeds freedom, creativity, and opportunity for thriving. So what can you do with your land? Here are just a few ideas:


Open land in West Texas can be used for recreational activities such as family outings, camping, off-the-grid living, and more. Many families across the country have found that owning acres in the wildlands of Texas offers them an opportunity for adventure and exploration that is not possible anywhere else. Not only are you escaping to your land, camping on your land, or building on your land, you are making memories on land that will embed itself into your family’s history and traditions. 


Texas ranching is a long-standing tradition. Generations of ranchers have planted their roots in the great lands of this state. In Texas, farming is a billion-dollar industry and offers plenty of opportunities for people that want to begin their own family ranches or small farms. If you’re looking for land to put cattle, horses, or other farm animals, Texas acreage offers the landscape and accessibility you need. 


The great state of Texas also has a hunting tradition that goes back to the early frontier days. The uninhabited and pristine raw land of West Texas offers an incredible opportunity for people looking to embark on a hunting journey. Whether you are an expert hunter or a novice wanting to learn, Texas welcomes you with its abundance of space and wildlife. Some of the common game hunted for in west Texas include the javelina, the mule deer, elk, duck, wild hogs, and more. 

Affordable Acreage for Sale in Hudspeth County, TX 

Hudspeth County is located in beautiful West Texas and stretches about 4,572 square miles, most of which is very much open land. Lone Star Investments aims to make these pristine wildlands affordable and accessible to anyone with the spirit and desire to embark on an adventure on Texas land. Whether you are looking for hunting lands, ranch land, or a place to escape the bustle of civilization and crowded cities, our acres will offer you the space you need. Call us today and find out about the lands we have available.

*The pictures shown are from Lone Star Investments properties, they have been taken from the area in which the land is being sold. *Lone Star Investments shall have no liability whatsoever by reason of clerical error for which it or the publisher may be responsible in this advertisement. *In our Sole Discretion, Lone Star Investments reserves the right to refuse to sell land to anyone, provided notice is given to Buyer within 5 days of their validated contract.