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The Wild Game of Texas Lands: Invest in Hunting Lands

If you reside in a heavily populated urban area with frequent traffic jams and crowded grocery stores, you might occasionally experience the nagging thought that there are simply too many people and not enough space. And while this might be the perception in some metropolitan areas, the truth is that this great country of ours has no shortage of land. And even though a  state like Texas has a population of about 28.7 million people, it spans about 268, 597 square miles— which leaves a whole lot of square miles open for exploration and some wild livin’. Lone Star Investments specializes in the selling of some of the most beautiful raw Texas land; acres ripe for exploration, investment, hunting and more. So we thought we’d take a look at some of the wild game you might run into across some of our beautiful Texas acreages. 

The Javelina 

For the untrained eye, this collared peccary might be confused with a pig or a wild boar. They average only about forty to sixty pounds and possess a pig-like nose, short legs, peppered hair, and long sharp canine teeth that protrude from their jaws. They can get quite feisty and defensive and are extremely tenacious, and yet can be kinda cute.  They are found in the more arid or semi-arid parts of the state. Javelinas are herbivores and consume mostly native plant foods, agave, mesquite beans, and prickly pear. 

If you are not an experienced hunter, Javelina is a good animal to start with. They have poor eyesight, which makes it easier to get closer to them and they travel in small herds or family groups. Hunters are typically able to take two Javelina’s per year and can be hunted year-round in 93 counties. Find plenty of Javelina hunting opportunities in West Texas.

The Mule Deer 

These animals are easy to identify due to their large mule-like ears. The male deer grow antlers during the summer and typically shed them in the spring. They can be seen throughout desert regions like the Southwest and West Texas, usually active during the morning or evening hours when it’s hot. These animals have had to adapt to the environment and will thus eat a variety of vegetation. 

These deer have better nighttime vision than humans and have eyes on the sides of their heads that allow for a 310-degree view around themselves. They are also quite sensitive and can detect predator movement up to 600 meters away.  This makes them a little more of a challenge to catch. Mule deer are known to be desirable wild game meat as they have lean meat. This means the meat is low in fat and very high protein. 

A Return to Nature and Love of Wild Game

Every year, more and more people seek out a new connection with nature and the wildlands this country has to offer. Perhaps our technology-filled world leaves us aching for a return to nature. 

One of the ways people do it is through the experience of hunting their own food. Thanks to television shows, podcasts, and overall interest in conservation and healthy living, people have begun to look at the alternatives for the grocery meat neatly cut and packaged. Today, many people seek a profound relationship with their environment. The important lesson that people learn as they traverse into this new territory—and as many of today’s hunting enthusiasts always stress— is the responsibility and beauty that comes with the act of hunting and participating in the responsible conservation of our lands. Hunters are environmentalists too; they are people who love and care for the land and respect the cycle of nature. If you’re looking for ways to explore this side of your nature, some Texas acreage is right up your alley. 

Invest In Your Own Texas Land Today

Lone Star Investments gives people the opportunity to make an investment of a lifetime. Texas is a wildly popular state with countless people moving in from places like California and New York. The demand for land is growing and we have the right plot of land for you, whether you want to use it for hunting, some off the grid living or secure investing. Come find your paradise with us.