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Historic and Exciting Ways to Utilize West Texas Land

neat ideasWest Texas land can be used for a variety of reasons. Although farming and ranching tend to be the most popular ways to use this land, there are other very exciting things you can do with your piece of Texas.

From witnessing the beauty of the night sky to becoming acquainted with ancient history, there is always something exciting to discover in Texas. Lone Star Investments understands the unbridaled potential offered with our West Texas ranches for sale and other properties. If you’re considering investing in land, we’re the team to choose. 

Call us today to get your own piece of Texas at (915) 799-1836 with our land for sale in West Texas.

Amazon CEO Embarks on the New Space Race in Our Backyard

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, is bringing the new Space Race to Lone Star Investments’ backyard. Bezos established Blue Origin in 2000 as a privately funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company. Amazon purchased a large Texas property right by our Blue Quail Ranch in order to establish their Blue Origin operational launch facility. They’ve used the west Texas site to build and test rockets.

This is all happening in our very own backyard! But don’t fret. The land available from Lone Star Investment is vast, so sounds of rockets launching won’t bother you in the least. It is Bezos’s goal to eventually give people the opportunity to go into space for under 10 minutes at a time. Bezos also plans on using Blue Origin to launch satellites into space. He is competing against Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

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Unbridled Stargazing in West Texas

A major deterrent against stargazing is light pollution. The lights of the city at night are so bright that the stars above become dimmer than they are in reality. Since Lone Star Investments’ land is away from the lights of any town, the stars above shine brightly. This makes the area perfect for stargazing. Since the weather in west Texas tends to provide clear, cloudless skies, you’ll be able to see the stars brighter than ever before. Bring a telescope and get acquainted with distant stars and planets. Gather friends and family to experience a meteor shower. Perhaps you’ll see a Blue Origin rocket launch as well. Nothing compares to stargazing with zero light pollution.

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Experience the Past with Indian Pictographs

Let’s look away from the stars and the future for a minute. The mountains that surround Lone Star Investments’ land in have ancient historical indian pictographs. In fact, the Archeological Society comes out to see these indian pictographs for class studies. How grand, to have ancient history and future advancements in your very own backyard! 

These are just a few examples of how you can use your land to the fullest. Contact Lone Star Investments online or call (915) 532-5253 if you’re ready to invest in West Texas acreage for sale!