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A Beginner’s Guide to Off-The-Grid Living in Texas

Land for sale in West Texas that can be used for off-the-grid living.While living off the grid may seem impossible to many, it’s actually within reach.  Off-the-grid living is as rewarding as it is challenging. By planning and preparing accordingly, you’ll be able to achieve your dream of living off the grid. 

At Lone Star Investments, we make it easy for our clients to find affordable lots of land in West Texas. Hudspeth County features beautiful, wide-open land where you can build your off-the-grid living accommodations. Every single one of our lots comes with water rights, so you’ll be able to dig a well for your property.

Ready to turn that off-the-grid dream into a reality? Then give our El Paso land sale team a call at (915) 532-5263!

What Does “Off The Grid” Actually Mean?

When talking about living off the grid, the conversation often revolves around the idea of preparing for a future where society crumbles and we all have to fend for ourselves without the help of a community, electricity, or government.

In reality, off-the-grid living simply refers to living off the electrical grid. In recent years, the idea of living off the electrical grid has gained some steam. After the Snowpocalypse of 2021, which left thousands of residents without power or electricity for days and weeks, many Texans felt uncertain about our state’s electrical grid. Texas is the only state with its own power grid, after all. The rest of the nation is split between two main electric grids, the Western Interconnect and Eastern Interconnect. 

The few individuals who were able to keep the lights on during the massive, state-wide winter storm were those who had their own power generators. Due to the winter storm and the current heatwave, the idea of off-the-grid living has become more of an achievable goal than a flight of fancy for many.

Now that you understand what off-the-grid means let’s dive into how you can achieve this new way of life.

Find the Best Land in West Texas

Living off the grid may seem scary, but if you prepare yourself accordingly, you’ll be able to not only survive but thrive. First, you need to find the best place to live. You’ll want to find affordable land that provides ways for you to sustain yourself (and your family, if applicable).

The land we sell at Lone Star Investments is located in Hudspeth County, Texas. Don’t let the desert environment worry you. Hudspeth sees its fair share of rain, making it a great place to live off the grid. The terrain is rough, so you’ll need to prepare accordingly. This will be difficult, but once you’ve taken care of everything, you will be self-sufficient.

Once you’ve purchased your lot of land, you’ll need to plan for the following:

  • Decide on your lodging
  • Dig a well
  • Plan for food
  • Set up your own source of energy
  • Install a septic tank

Decide on Your Lodging

Hudspeth County is tough terrain. As such, we don’t recommend clients build houses on their lots of land. You could, however, transport a tiny home or a shipping container home up to your land. These homes are affordable, smaller, and easier to move, so you’ll be able to take advantage of off-the-grid living without committing to building an actual house in the desert landscape.

You can also decide to live in an RV. In fact, that might be the most effective way to live off the grid in Hudspeth County. You can simply drive up to your land, set up camp, and detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of the world for a few weeks or months. 

Set Up Your Own Water Source

Having water readily available will make or break your off-the-grid living plans. Thankfully, Lone Star Investments’ land includes water rights, so you’re free to dig a well on your property. Many companies can take care of this task for you. Once your well is set up, you’ll be able to keep yourself hydrated. You’ll also be able to shower, do the dishes, and perform any other task that may require water. 

Find a Sustainable Food Source

While taking food supplies to your off-the-grid land may seem like a great idea, they will eventually run you. You need to plan accordingly and have sustainable food available to you in case anything goes wrong. 

Some ways to keep your pantry full include:

Generate Power

Power generation might be the most important aspect of off-the-grid living. By generating power, you will be able to keep the lights on. You’ll also be able to heat your residence (be it a tiny home, shipping container, or RV) in the winter months or when the temperature drops.

There are many power and electricity generation options available. You could try solar power, wind power, or using a gas-powered generator. All these options come with their own costs and fees, so make sure to speak with experts in each field to see which may be your best choice. 

Once you’ve found the best way to power your off-the-grid abode, you’re nearly ready to become fully self-sufficient! 


Sanitation should never be overlooked, especially when living off the grid. Before settling in, hire a company to install a septic tank on your property. Avoiding its installation can cause your water supply to become contaminated. 

Once your septic tank is full, you can simply call a waste management company to dispose of the contents. Sure, this is more work than simply flushing the toilet at home, but it will take quite some time for your septic tank to become full. Once installed, you’ll truly be living off the grid!

Land for Sale in West Texas for Off-The-Grid Living

Lone Star Investments is here to make your off-the-grid living dream come true. Give us a call today to learn more about our available tracts of land. Before long, you’ll be settling in your very own piece of Hudspeth County land. Call us today — (915) 532-5263