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Hidden Gems: Finding Affordable Hunting Land for Sale

A person in a camouflage outfit hunting turkey on West Texas land.

What makes the state of Texas one of the most glorious places to live in America is our rich abundance of land. Land filled with diverse game for hunters of all walks of life. West Texas has an exciting variety of game including ducks, birds, deer, pronghorn, and so much more. Now, thanks to affordable hunting land for sale in West Texas, you can enjoy the world of hunting right in your own backyard.

Contact Lonestar Investment’s El Paso office online or call (915) 799-1836 to see what hunting land for sale in West Texas we have available!

Hunting Land Accessibility

Generally, in the Lone Star state, many counties have established a 10-acre minimum size for hunting or discharging firearms on private land. So, when you’re looking for West Texas hunting land for sale, contact your local government agency to confirm and opt for at least 10 acres of land to be able to explore at your own pace.

Even though the land is yours, be sure to follow local and state wildlife regulations to avoid any penalties. 

Quality and Quantity of Wildlife

West Texas is known for having a rich variety of wildlife. You can expect to find squirrels, quail, doves, ducks, rabbits and hares, and alligators in all counties. In others, you can also find white-tail deer and wild turkey during the Fall season. 

You can always ask our sellers to learn more about each individual property and the wildlife they encounter regularly to suit your needs.

Location and Layout

When you’re picking out hunting land for sale in West Texas, you want to be far enough away from a major city but not too far, and traveling takes too long so you can enjoy your land at your convenience. Consider the traffic patterns of the game and the humans using the land. For instance, if you’re planning on building a house or cabin, you’ll want that closer to a road rather than in the center of the property, where noise or lights could deter animals.

Water and Food Sources

Depending on the game you’re trying to hunt, you may want land that has a good amount of water and food sources to attract animals. For instance, if you’re a deer hunter, you may want a creek or a river running through your property.

Affordable Hunting Land for Sale in West Texas

If you’re itching for a new adventure, why not have some fun in your own backyard? With the help of Lonestar Investments, we can help you find your next property. Call (915) 799-1836 to learn more.