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Preparing for the Worst: Off The Grid Living in West Texas

the sun setting over Hudspeth County Today, we’d like to talk about something a bit more serious: survival preparation. Also known as “doomsday prepping,” survivalists are able to sustain themselves and their families if a natural or man-made disaster were to take place. In order to achieve this, it’s necessary to stock up on certain foods that won’t expire for a long time. Canned foods, for instance, are go-to choices for survivalists or preppers. Most people picture basements that are stocked up with cans and cans of vegetables as well as gallons of water. But if you’d like to take your off the grid living to the next level, consider buying land from Lone Star Investments! By owning your very own piece of land in Hudspeth County, you’ll be able to prepare accordingly.

How To Prep Your Land for Off The Grid Living

Although we don’t particularly recommend our lots for home building, they are a great option if you’d like to have an off-the-grid living setting. Since the land is in the desert, miles away from any city, it can become very lonely, very quickly. This is why we tell our clients that this land may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a new place to live. It is, however, perfect for doomsday prepping. First, let’s take a look at the location itself. Our lots are in Hudspeth County which, in other words, means they’re all located in the desert. Temperatures tend to remain warm during the day and nights tend to be cool. Since the lots are in the desert, you won’t have to worry about heavy rainfall or snow. All of our lots come with water rights so you’ll be able to dig for a well. This way, you won’t run out of water, no matter what!

Building Your Survivalist Homestead

The term “off-the-grid” living refers to living off the electrical grid. Should the power go out, you’ll be able to live comfortably in your off-the-grid home. In order to achieve this, however, you’ll have to consider alternate forms of energy such as solar or wind. Now that you have all the energy you could want, it’s time to talk about what you need to sustain yourself and your family. We’ve already gone over the well (but it might be smart to have water stored, just in case), but what about food? It’s important to stock up on food that won’t expire but it’s also smart to choose food you’ll actually enjoy eating. There are options for dehydrated butter powder and even freeze dried mozzarella cheese so you won’t have to only eat beans. It is important to choose food that’s nutritionally dense. You can also choose military MRE meals that don’t require heat in order to be cooked.

This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

In order to prepare accordingly, it’s necessary to get started as soon as possible. Contact Lone Star Investments today to learn more about what we have to offer. If you’re ready to start preparing for the worst, we’re here to help!