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Off The Grid Living in West Texas: What You Need to Know

off the grid living in Hudspeth County


Do you ever long to get away from it all? Maybe you go camping every once in a while and you see the beautiful night sky, all ablaze with starlight, and you think to yourself “what a wonderful world.” Then you go back to your 9-to-5 job and it’s as if the world outside stops existing. Don’t let the monotony of professional life bog you down. If you’re considering off the grid living in West Texas, Lone Star Investments can guide the way.

Off-the-Grid Living Explained

Although the term may seem self-explanatory, off the grid living is a lot of hard work so it’s necessary to understand exactly what goes into gaining this distinction. First off, let’s explain what “on the grid” living means. The titular grid is used to define the electric grid. People who live in towns, neighborhoods, or suburbs all live “on the grid.” Off-the-grid living requires individuals to either live without electricity or with a self-sustained form of electricity. Additionally, those who live off the grid will require their own water line and a septic tank (or outhouse). Luckily for you, every lot from Lone Star Investments comes with water rights so you dig a well or hire someone to do it for you. You can also hire a firm to install a septic tank in your lot (just make sure to dispose of the septic waste when it gets full!) As for the electricity, you could also consider solar panels or wind turbines.

Lone Star Investments is Ready to Help

Texas is the biggest state in the contiguous United States. As such, there’s plenty of land for you to choose from. Our land for sale is in Hudspeth County and you can choose from a wide variety of lots. Click through to our Land for Sale page to see what we have to offer. Lone Star Investments is the home of the $148/$0 down 20-acre lot so you can purchase your 20 acres and go on to build your off-the-grid site! Since these lots are in the desert, it’s important to point out that we don’t recommend our clients build houses on their lots. These lots are perfect for RVs, camping, hunting, and recreation. We all need to be part of nature every once in a while. Lone Star Investments can make your dreams come true!