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Owning Land in 2020: Why This Is The Best Time to Buy

If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with owning land, then you’ve come to the right place. Lone Star Investments is proud to be one of the Southwest’s foremost land sellers. Our lots in Hudspeth County are prime swaths of beautiful desert land. No matter what you have in mind for your particular lot, be it simply to invest or to build a ranch, we’ll be there to help. With Lone Star Investments, you can purchase lots of varying sizes, from 20 acres all the way to 60. Most of our lots come with no down payment and low monthly rates. Our 20 acre lots, for instance, cost only $148 per month. That’s it! For 20 acres in Hudspeth County. Keep reading to learn more about how we stand out from the rest.

We Go Above and Beyond

Whether this is your first rodeo or you’ve been around the land ownership block a few times, we want you to know that we won’t stop until you’re happy. The prospect of owning land might seem daunting at first but once you team up with Lone Star Investments, you’ll wish you got into the land ownership game much earlier on (at least, we hope!) 

A Down-To-Earth Approach

Buying land from Lone Star Investments is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Sure, we have images of our available lots online so you can look through our inventory and choose the lot that speaks the most to you. But that’s not where the process ends; in fact, it’s just getting started! 

We offer tours of our lots so you can get acquainted with your land. If, for whatever reason, you’re not completely sold with your particular lot, then we’ll be more than happy to work something out. Since we have so many available lots, you’ll more-than-likely be able to basically switch for one that suits your needs more adequately. All of our lots have dirt roads and street names so you won’t be lost. This is just one of the many ways we stand apart from other land sellers. 

Use Your Land However You So Please

After we complete our tour of your land, you’ll be able to bring your dreams to fruition. Perhaps you just want these acres as an investment opportunity; you don’t really plan on using the land for anything else than as an investment. Well, we have no qualms with that! That’s basically how we got started, after all!

Other land owners use their land for recreational activities. Since our lots are so large, you will truly feel like you’re in your very own world. You can even choose a lot that has exciting landscapes for off-roading or ATV riding, or perhaps one with hiking opportunities. This is prime Texas land. You can use it for hunting, exploring, recreation, anything under the sun! Simply put, you can have a lot of fun on your particular lot.

Ranching, farming, and hunting are other popular uses for our lots. This, of course, is a much more involved journey. When you own your land, you do own water rights so you’ll be able to dig a well in order to stay hydrated or to keep your cattle happy. The harsh, Hudspeth County environment may be a bit too harsh for most types of farming but if you’re up for a challenge, be our guest! If you plan on having a ranch built on your land, you will have to also install a septic tank underground, in addition to the well. Look, you probably already have it all planned out and you’re itching to get started with your land ownership journey. We appreciate your gumption and passion, and we can’t wait to give you the ability to bring your land ownership dreams to life!

Choose Lone Star Investments, Today!

No matter where you are in the United States, Lone Star Investments is ready to sell prime swaths of Hudspeth County land to you. Whether you live in the El Paso area or in Washington, D.C., you can put your trust in our hands. Give us a call today to learn more about our 20-acre lots for $148 per month.