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Ranches for Sale in West Texas

With beautiful desert landscapes and plenty of seclusion, there is no wonder that many people come to El Paso for ranches for sale in West Texas. The land is great for creating the perfect rural homestead. With excellent panoramic mountain views and serene peacefulness, the area is great. Many land seekers choose this area because it is great for hiking, horseback riding, ATVs, and other outdoor activities that go great with a ranch lifestyle.

Land That is Great for Ranching

There’s no better place to look for ranches for sale in West Texas then El Paso. We know all too well that Texas is known for ranching. Whether you are a new or seasoned rancher, we sell land in a variety of different increments. Whether you want 10 or 60 acres, it is quite possible. Ranching is one of the most popular uses of the land we sell at Lone Star Investments.

Starting Small

if you are new to ranching and want to dip your toes in before taking the plunge, it is quite possible to start out with a 20-acre plot of land. This may not seem like a great deal, however when it comes to full-size ranches, this is plenty of space to get a good start. The great part is, when you come to Lone Star Investments, we strive to provide excellent service. When you decide that you have outgrown the 20 acres, it’s always possible to expand. Many people feel that it is best to start small and go from there, which is perfectly fine.

What Does a Ranch Entail

When you buy land with Lone Star Investments, you start from the ground up. It is a beautiful thing to design and create your very own ranch from scratch. From building the rustic home of your dreams, to digging a well and starting a septic tank, it is all up to you. Many ranchers love the freedom of designing their own place and the gratification of seeing it all finished.

Contact Us Today

When you are looking for ranches for sale in West Texas you can’t go wrong when you contact Lone Star Investments. We are a three-generation company in El Paso, Texas. We have been serving the area since 1989. You can bet we know a bit about the industry with a combined total of 100 years of experience on our team. We take great pride in providing excellent customer care. Please contact us today for more info.