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What to Look For in West Texas Ranches For Sale

A landscape of West Texas land.

When you think about Western Texas, there’s no doubt you think of classic Western movies and the ranchlands these characters come from. Ranch and farmland have a long history in Texas, and you can play your part in it when investing in ranches for sale in Hudspeth County.

Whether you’re looking to start a working ranch, engage in recreational activities, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, Lonestar Investments can help you acquire the right piece of land. Contact us online or call (915) 532-5263 to find the right tract of land in West Texas.

Location and Accessibility

As with any property, you must consider its location and accessibility to everyday conveniences. Consider the land’s proximity to major highways, hospitals, schools, and grocery stores. When thinking about West Texas ranches for sale, you should expect these amenities won’t be as easily accessible as living in a high-population area. Be realistic with yourself about how far you’re willing to commute.

Land Size and Topography

Determine the land size you require based on your goals and budget. What are your short-term and long-term goals for your property? Do you see yourself utilizing a large amount of acreage for cattle grazing, hunting, or other agricultural purposes? Or can you suffice on a small plot of land for recreational or residential use? At Lonestar Investments, we have tracts of land ranging from 10 acres to 60 acres. Asking yourself questions like these, among others, will help you determine the approximate acreage required. Similarly, when inspecting potential land, evaluate the topography of the land. This can include hills, valleys, bodies of water, or wooded areas, which can influence the land’s functionality.


Even though you’re purchasing your own tract of land, there are still legal aspects associated with ranch land. Investigate zoning regulations, land usage restrictions, and any conservation regulations that may be in place. Similarly, ensure that you understand the property’s boundaries and any potential issues that may affect your intended usage of the land should you want a working ranch or if you intend to use the land for hunting purposes. An experienced attorney or land specialist will be able to help you navigate through these legal considerations.

Wildlife and Conservation

As with investigating the land’s legal considerations, if you intend on using the land for recreational purposes like hunting, consider the wildlife population and potential conversation opportunity. Does it meet your needs? Similarly, research whether there’s an abundance of game species, habitat diversity, and if there are any conservation programs or regulations that may apply that will affect your usage of the land.

Infrastructures and Utilities

Another major thing you should look out for when looking into West Texas ranches for sale is if there are any infrastructures and/or utilities available on the land. Consider the accessibility of electricity, water supply systems, and sewage options. Are there any existing buildings, fences, or roads? What are their conditions? In doing this, this will help you assess your budget and its flexibility.

Beautiful, Affordable West Texas Ranches for Sale

Ranch life is a beautiful and rewarding lifestyle to live, and with Lonestar Investments, we can help you find beautiful and affordable tracts of land that best fit your needs. Contact us online or call (915) 532-5263 to learn more about our available ranches for sale.