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Effects of Light Pollution On Stargazing 

Light Pollution and it's affect on the night sky

We all need a little escape from city life at times. Aside from horns honking, busy stores, and distractions everywhere, we miss out on some of the best things in life. It wasn’t that long ago when you could walk outside at night and admire the sky. The Milky Way would glimmer across the sky with the universe wrapped around it. It inspired thousands of artists, musicians, inventors, and creators.

Now we live life with only a handful of visible stars for us to see. Light pollution has affected the world more than we realize, and even ourselves. Luckily, you can find some peace and enjoy the night sky when you purchase land from Lone Star Investments. Land that’s located in west Texas has never made it easier to enjoy the starry night sky. 

 Land In the Open 

For many, it could seem challenging to find a spot away from light pollution. Unfortunately, it’s the only way we can really see the sky in all its beauty. Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 people living in cities have never experienced seeing the sky in its natural and wondrous state. This has made the fight against light pollution difficult since people really don’t understand or know what they’re missing out on.

Lone Star Investments knew when they started distributing their land that it would benefit people for the right reasons. Having open land in the desert and away from the cityscape would help people enjoy nature to the fullest. Lone Star’s locations have the opportunity to see the sky as clearly as possible.  

Effects of Light Pollution 

Overall, Light pollution has many effects on the night sky and the ecosystem and even our own mental health. Light pollution has affected our wildlife across the world. Everything from mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects have had negative effects in some way. Night birds will crash into illuminated buildings, and baby sea turtles will mistake the glow of beach lights for the shimmering of the ocean. 

For us, drivers and pedestrians can get blinded by oncoming traffic lights. If exposed to white light while we sleep, it can suppress melatonin production and disrupt our circadian cycle. This can further disrupt us creating various health problems such as headaches, fatigue, stress, and increased anxiety. 

It’s also a tremendous waste of energy. Wasted light has contributed to at least ¼ of all electricity consumption worldwide! This has dramatically impacted our carbon footprint across the world. 

Also, it affects astronomers in every way possible. Their research helps understand the effects of the sun’s impact on climate change and threats from space. All of their research and observations need darker skies for better understanding and accuracy. 

Types of Light Pollution 

Light pollution comes in many forms. One type of light pollution can create a multitude of other types.

Light Trespass

Light trespass is probably one of the most common types of light pollution and the one we can fix. This, for example, occurs when a light post casts a broader amount of light than intended. It can flood over to nearby homes and the surrounding area. Or if someone has outdoor lights that face up towards the sky and not focused on the ground. Light trespass essentially means excess light flooding other areas. 


Glare, we see most often when driving or moving around. This happens when a light in the visual field is stronger than the light our eyes have adapted to. This has multiple forms, such as discomfort glare, disability glare, and blinding glare. 

Sky Glow

Sky glow comes from human-made sources. You can see this very well if you’re outside of a nearby city. If you notice an orange glow entering the atmosphere due to the buildings and street lights, that’s sky glow. Light gets scattered by dust and gas molecules, which create the dome effect. This dramatically reduces the ability to see stars and galaxies even with a telescope. 

Light Clutter

We see light clutter more often in busy city areas. It’s the collection of various lights that overcrowd the actual surroundings. It affects drivers and pedestrians from properly seeing what’s in front and around them. This also can create light trespass, glare and contribute to sky glow. 

Lone Star Far Enough From Light Pollution

So, if you’re ready to start shaping your life a bit more on nature, purchasing land can help you. All of our land sits far enough from El Paso and the surrounding cities to get an excellent look at the night time sky. Check out our available listings, or give us a call so we can start your path on a more nature-filled life. It’s perfect for farming, ranching, or just a quiet home away from home. Let us know how we can help you live the Lone Star life today!