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Finding Acreage for Sale in West Texas

acreage for sale in west texasIn order to find the right acreage for sale in West Texas, you need to find the right team. Lone Star Investments makes it as easy as possible for you to invest in Texas land.

Since we own the property we’re selling, we are able to do all of our own financing meaning you’ll have nothing to worry about. Lone Star Investments does not run credit or background checks. Most of our properties only have a $99 down payment. We also have open contracts which means you can pay off the land at any time! Purchasing land doesn’t get much easier than Lone Star Investments.

20 Acres for Sale: Our Most Popular Option

At Lone Star Investments, we sell a variety of different-sized lots. Our 20 acre lots are the most popular options. These lots have low monthly payments and offer beautiful views and useful land in which you can invest. The Lone Star Investment team strives to do what’s right for the client. We offer personalized tours so you can get acquainted with your land. If the land doesn’t suit your needs for any reason, we’ll gladly assign another plot of the same price to you. Once you start paying for your land, you can use it as you so choose. Be it for farming and ranching or recreation and camping, you can do it all.

The Right Acreage for Sale in West Texas

Although we most commonly sell 20 acre lots, we also sell 10, 30, 40, 60, and other sized lots. Finding acreage for sale in West Texas is simple when you team up with Lone Star Investments. We are able to accommodate your preferences and will make it as easy as possible for you to invest in your land. At Lone Star Investments, we do what’s right for you, the client. This means we will stand by you at every step of the way, from when you first decide on purchasing the land throughout your entire contract period.

We Strive to Do What’s Right for the Client

At Lone Star Investments, we have open contracts which means they can be paid off at any time. Normal contract periods tend to last 17 years. We understand that sometimes things change and it may become difficult to make the monthly payments. If this occurs, the land will be repossessed, but we offer an option that is completely unique in the world of land investing.

If the tide changes in your favor, you can come back to Lone Star Investments whenever you’re ready to invest in land once more. We will credit all the money you put in so you can use it on your new lot. This will help you continue to grow your investment. Simply put, you will not lose out. Whenever your financial situation changes, come back to us. We’ll gladly set you up with a new lot so your investment can continue to live on! Everything we do at Lone Star Investments is for you, our client. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.