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Off-the-Grid Living with Texas Acreage and Land: Tips to Begin Your Next Adventure

A home off the grid in desert landscape

There is an inescapable allure to the idea of having a place of escape and retreat, a place where the concerto of rush hour traffic, the hustle and bustle politicking, the fast-paced days, and the Tik-Toking Facebooking masses are distant and faint. That is a place where the laws of nature are the authority, and you are at the center in control of your own destiny. When you step out into the wild, survival becomes a matter of resourcefulness and creativity, and you tap into an ancestral instinct that is largely dormant in the modern digital age. Living off the grid in Texas is a possibility, and it’s not out of reach. 

The Growing Popularity of Sustainable and Off-the-Grid Living 

Off-Grid homesteads are catching the attention of many across the country. According to some 2013 estimates, 180,000 families were living off the grid in the United States. What does it mean exactly? The general definition of off-the-grid refers to people whose homes are not connected to municipal utilities. There are different degrees and levels off-the-grid, and sometimes it might just mean a more sustainable way of living that relies as little as possible on local utilities. 

 The idea is on the upswing, as people look for ways to return to simpler times and reconnect with nature. After 2020, many large and crowded urban cities lost population to people searching for more space as the worldwide pandemic forced people into their homes. According to the Brookings Institution, however, urban growth had been stagnating long before coronavirus. 

Available Land Lots in Texas To Get Off The Grid

Living off the grid doesn’t mean you can’t access the outside world. There are degrees of rural living, of course. Some people step into the wilderness and never look back. Others use their remote land lots as an occasional escape from civilization, and others use it as their second residence. It’s really up to you, but the abundance of land lots in Texas has made the dream a reality for many. 

Buying property and securing a land lot is one of the first steps when thinking about adopting a rural lifestyle or having an escape from civilization. The good news is that purchasing acreage in the state of Texas is easy and affordable. 

Where Do I Start? 

People looking to find an off-the-grid property or having a second home as a retreat from the modern world find that the options are plenty. Many families want to spend time in a more sustainable kind of living, going back to the basics, away from the tablets, cellphones, and Zoom meetings. 

The idea of having a more sustainable existence is appealing to more people. Still, it has also become more and more accessible with plenty of online resources, how-to guides, and books on the subject. 

Here’s a couple of things to consider as you venture out into this new world: 

  • Read up on keeping your own garden. Even if you currently live in the city, in an apartment, or in a small condo, practicing gardening skills is a good way to begin thinking like an off-gridder. In addition to gardening, learning to can food and be resourceful with cooking will go a long way when the grocery is miles away.
  • Study up on possible locations. If you’re looking to purchase land, make sure that the location suits you and is friendly to people looking to get off the grid. Among the things to consider are climate, available land, building code restrictions or requirements, and landholding options. 
  • Consider the kind of home you are looking for. There are many options when it comes to the type of shelter you are searching for. People look to purchase tiny homes, build their own homes, log cabins, convert busses, and even storage container homes. Building a traditional home is also an option, of course. 
  • Research energy and water options. Knowing your options for obtaining energy and water is a big part of securing your home. This applies even if you don’t plan to stay off the grid and want access to utilities. Make sure you’re aware of the options before you purchase your lot. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Changing To Off-Grid Living

For those looking to set up a remote residence, there are still some things to keep in mind. It’s not technically illegal to live off the grid, but there are still civilian responsibilities to account for. For example: 

  • Taxes don’t go away just because you’re living remotely. That’s right, and the IRS is still part of your life. At the very least, there will be some property taxes to contend with. If you are selling produce or other goods, these will also be taxed. 
  • Building codes and zoning restrictions don’t disappear because you’re in the middle of nowhere. If you’re building a home on your lot, you might still be liable to follow building codes and regulations. This depends on the state. Lucky for you, Texas is pretty lax when it comes to building codes in rural areas. Another reason why land lots in Texas are the first step to great rural living. Nevertheless, septic tanks for septic systems and other regulations may still come into play. 

Get Thyself Some Texas Acres and Make Your Happy Place a Reality

Whether you’re looking to live off-the-grid, build your own homestead, or simply build your own custom home out in the Texas wildlands, Lone Star Investments is your ticket to your new adventure. We have dozens of acreage options for people just like you. 

Perhaps your new home is a few years in the future or in retirement. What better way than to have your lot picked out? 

Interested in Texas acreage or land lots? Call us today.